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When You Want to 'Take It All Off' - Painlessly and Permanently

There's no area more sensitive than a woman's bikini or pubic region, so hair removal from the bikini area is a delicate matter indeed. It's not just a passing fad - and it's not weird or kinky. A lot of women are choosing to remove some or all of the pubic hair, for hygienic or cosmetic reasons - you just like it, or your partner does. Perhaps you want a smooth, clean look in your bathing suits or panties, or just prefer the way it feels without hair. The problem is that it's not as simple as removing the hair from your underarms or legs or some other areas of the body. It's thicker hair and some of the surfaces are tricky.

Shaving the pubic, bikini area takes a lot of patience and care, and it has to be done every few days to look the way you want. It's tough to avoid nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs - ouch! And when it grows back in a few days, the stubble is itchy and rough to the touch. Keeping your sensitive and private bikini zone clean and smooth is a never-ending task - until now.

At last, there's a perfect way to remove bikini hair at home painlessly and permanently - the Finally Free hair removal system. With our patented, clinically proven technology, Finally Free kills hair at the root with a cool, dry wave of radio frequency energy. There is nothing painful about it, no chance to get cut.this device will help you attain that young, clean, fresh look with no hassle. Remove all the pubic hair, or leave a patch - it's up to you.

Other than shaving, alternative methods of removing public hair are too painful, costly, time-consuming, ineffective - or just not private enough. Who wants to go out to an electrolysis or laser salon to have a stranger inserting electrical needles or shine burning light waves in such a sensitive, personal zone? Or put up with possible scarring afterwards?!

With Finally Free' patented technology you just use the tweezer attachment for individual hairs or the patches for larger areas in the bikini area (after trimming back the hair with scissors), and it will permanently destroy the hair's ability to regrow.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

Try the Finally Free Permanent Hair Removal System (F-125) absolutely risk-free for 30 days! Get it home, use it, and if within 30 days you are not 100% satisfied for ANY reason simply let us know. We will email you a return authorization number, then return the product with that number and we'll refund your purchase price of Finally Free F-125 (less shipping and handling) no questions asked.